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  1. Make that Deminishing return is reseted when duel is over
  2. [Dash] , wouldn't work when you summon pet and instantly use it.
  3. pet shouldn't break scatter shot , pet should never hit any ''breakable'' CC for example (fear , blind , gouge , trap) pet should only hit non breakable CC like stun , root etc.. you can test by scatter shot from max range pet wont break scatter shot , but when used from very close range and pet is on ''assisst'' pet will break scatter shot
  4. when i use Scare beast on shamy's wolf form and then i over lap freezing trap . it casuses the shamy to not be able to move , not trinket the trap and not be able to use anything (his spell bar is grey out)
  5. when i Freezing trap and and there's grounding totem on the ground. the grounding totem get trapped. (and it wont go away ) how it should work , Both grounding totem and Freezing trap should dissapear
  6. just use it manyyy times u will see sometimes it ticks only twice and not 3 times. thats how i did it
  7. https://www.wowhead.com/forums&topic=172040 The cloak/boots/glove enchant should stack with any regular enchant. If one doesn't work perhaps it's a bug or it'd be "pointless" (they reduced the haste proc for gloves to compensate, why reduce the armor enchant when you could put a leatherworking armor enchant on it again?).
  8. best proof , use it while you're in cat/bear form. then ''Mouse over'' the buff and read it carefully.
  9. [Cataclysmic Gladiator's Insignia of Conquest] is proccing when i used [Hunter's Mark] , it should ONLY proc when dealing damage.
  10. jimmy18

    Hunter T13 pve

    Hunter T13 , 2 set bonus isn't work. should give me 2x more focus when i cast steady shot or cobra shot. at the moment it's giving me 9 focus on both steady and cobra shot. should be giving 18 focus on each cast.
  11. Ryan already reported it in a wrong way so it got denied. ok so if i use scatter shot on enemy and i spam bad manner it wouldn't work untill the scatter shot CC is off. and i notice it happens when my pet is in '' assisst state'' it works when my pet is in ''passive''. so it's the pet's state which is bugging it.
  12. jimmy18

    Line of Sight

    LoS is bugged , when i use flare and LoS my enemy it wont even land. also when an enemy is LoS'ing me arround pillar and i spam for example chimera shot or Scatter shot , it would consume the cds on those 2 spells and nothing would happen.
  13. [Survival Instincts] when used , the effect (-50% dmg) should ONLY work when the feral is in cat or bear form. if he goes night elf form he should take normal 100% damage , but the Buff should still exist so if he goes back to cat/bear form it will work again
  14. jimmy18

    [Gouge] of Rogue

    [Gouge] sometimes won't hit the target and it wont show anything as ''parry'' or ''dodge'' like it wont hit target sometimes for no reasons. i even tried [Glyph of Gouge] would let me use Gouge from Behind (behind aka you can't dodge nor parry at all) , it would sometimes not work . like nothing would happen.
  15. [Glyph of Backstab] giving +5 focus on every single backstab. it should give +5 focus only if my backstab CRIT