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  1. Synapse

    Raise Dead Unholy DK

    Fixed. /closed
  2. Synapse

    Death Grip Range

    Fixed on next update. Death grip will no longer have a minimum range. /closed
  3. Thank you for your report. It has been fixed. Will be applied on next update. /closed
  4. Hello Jimmy, Do you have any proof for this report? I believe that you have to be in bear/cat form, however the damage reduction will work in any form after that. Awaiting your reply.
  5. Synapse

    hunter's pet hp

    Hunter Pet HP has been corrected. /closed
  6. Wolves will now deal 800 damage per wolf and heal correctly. Wolves spell bar state is still in the working. Thanks
  7. Synapse

    [Gouge] of Rogue

    Fixed. /closed
  8. Synapse

    Spell Penetration

    Hello Jimmy, Spell Penetration is working correctly. If you have more evidence, please open another report with evidence. Thanks /closed
  9. Hello Jimmy, Can you provide more evidence to this claim? Thanks.
  10. Fixed. Will be applied on next update. /closed
  11. Fixed. Will be applied on next update. /closed
  12. Fixed. Will be applied on next update. /closed
  13. Synapse

    Line of Sight

    Fixed. Flare will now land even if you run out of LoS. As for the Chimera Shot and scatter shot, I cannot reproduce. If you can report with video evidence that would be great. /closed
  14. Synapse

    Hunter T13 pve

    Fixed. Will be applied on next update. /closed