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  1. Cobra305


    it's not healing the correct % as stated on the tooltip.
  2. hello, In sacred paladin when he uses light guide on a member of the group then he uses sacred horion on another member of the group, the one carrying light guide should be treated also but this is not the case, can you correct that?
  3. Cobra305

    Frost DK

    Hello, there is a bug on a spell of DK : Mechanic reported: annihilation How mechanic is bugged: with DK full burst i do 15-17k critic, but spell do 263% of weapon dommage + 12.5% for each deaseas (i always play with 2 deaseas and the target so 25%) + with my talent annihilation increse the dommage by 45% + the glyph annihilation increase the dommage by 20%. How mechanic should work: I have done the calcul with the lowest dommage of the weapon: 2557 *2.63 = 6724 6724+(0.25*6724)= 8405 8405+(0.45*8405)= 12188 12188+(0.20*12188)= 14625 = 14 625 dommage no crit and without burst so if you can up the dommage same if it's a little bit that's will be good thanks Kissiline
  4. It's possible to use the profession "cooking" to make food, but the food we can craft is aslo sell against honor.
  5. Cobra305

    divine purpose

    Hello, Paladin retribution got 0 procs of divine purpose during a fight of 10 minutes against a training pole. Can you fix it please Thanks Kyssi