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  1. vilio

    Dark Simulacrum

    Mechanic reported: Dark Simulacrum ( DK Spell Steal ) How mechanic is bugged: Dark Simulacrum goes through Ice block / paladin bubble How mechanic should work: Nothing should get through Ice block / bubble - ice block - bubble
  2. vilio

    Arcane Mage

    Mechanic reported: Arcane Mage dmg How mechanic is bugged: Arcane does 30-40k arcane blasts normally How mechanic should work: Arcane Blast shouldnt hit for that much
  3. You should add the flag of ownership to the Vanity Items vendor for Honor Points 🙂
  4. vilio

    Death Grip Range

    Mechanic reported: Death Grip How mechanic is bugged: Death Grip seems to have a minimum range of like 5-10 yards How mechanic should work: U should be able to Death Grip targets while they're right infront of your face, there shouldnt be any minimum range.
  5. vilio

    Raise Dead Unholy DK

    Mechanic reported: Raise Dead for UNH dk How mechanic is bugged: You can re-cast Raise Dead when you have ur pet already summoned How mechanic should work: Whenever u have a Pet summoned, you shouldnt be able to cast Raise Dead until u dont have a pet summoned atm
  6. Mechanic reported: Frost DK's Lichborne selfheal with Death Coil How mechanic is bugged: Frost DK heals for ~21k with Death Coil How mechanic should work: Frost DKs should heal max 13 - 16k with Death Coil , and crit for max 25k
  7. vilio

    Unholy DK Pet abilities the unh dk pet has constantly 30 Energy , the [Claw] Ability costs 40, thus it never casts the ability so thats probably the source
  8. vilio

    Fire Blast

    Mechanic reported: Fire Blast How mechanic is bugged: Fire mage hits ~10k crit with Fire blast How mechanic should work: Mages should hit 3-4k non crit and 6-8k max crit with Fire Blast
  9. vilio


    Mechanic reported: Hand of Protection / Freedom / Sacrifice How mechanic is bugged: Whenever you apply Hand of Protection, applying Hand of Freedom or Hand of Sacrifice, all spells override eachother and only 1 can be active at a time. How mechanic should work: Whenever you put Hand of Protection on someone or yourself, you should be able to have Hand of Sacrifice and Hand of Freedom up at the same time without the buffs overriding eachother.
  10. vilio

    SP Mind Sear

    Mechanic reported: Mind Sear / Shadow priest How mechanic is bugged: When a shadow priest casts mind sear on you, it doesnt do any dmg to you and it doesnt even put you in combat How mechanic should work: When the shadow priest channels mind sear on you, you should take ~1.5k dmg ticks , and get in combat.
  11. Mechanic reported: " Rolling Thunder " talent for Elemental shaman, basically you can get up to 9 stacks on your Lightning Shield How mechanic is bugged: You get stacks from LOTS of sources that you shouldn't get stacks from , for example, when the shaman auto attacks the enemy, he gets a stack, when he casts a spell that doesnt normally give stacks, it gives a stack. How mechanic should work: The ONLY source for gaining stacks on ur lightning shield should be , Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning , and getting auto attacked by an enemy.
  12. I think you should add all horde / alliance cities in the world teleporter option like SW , darnassus dalaran etc also..
  13. I suggest you guys add the vicious elite sets for every class for transmog ty
  14. vilio

    Unholy DK Runes

    Mechanic reported: Runes of Unholy DK How mechanic is bugged: After casting a few spells, when you finally get full runes again, you cant cast a single spell even though all ur runes are ready... How mechanic should work: Whenever u have enough runes for a spell , you should be able to cast it without any problems
  15. Mechanic reported: Unholy dk's pet spells [Gnaw] and [Claw] dont work , assuming its bug with pet's energy How mechanic is bugged: The pet doesnt ever cast the [Gnaw] and [Claw] abilities , not with mouse click nor with macros, it says not enough energy or it says that spell is not ready yet. How mechanic should work: The pet has 100/100 energy, the cost of [Gnaw] is 30 Energy and [Claw] 40 Energy, u should be able to cast all of these without a problem especially when the spells arent on automatic.