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In-Game Rules & Regulations

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â–ª The following are rules set forth by Synapse Staff for the Services Synapse provides, any attempt to break them will result in appropriate action against your in-game accounts.
â–ª Any user, regular or Premium, is subject to the same rules and breaking them will get them banned in the same way.

This is really basic and "shouldn't" need further explanations. Players caught making use of cheat programs for example, to Speed Hack or Fly Hack (most common offenses) or other cheats, are banned from the server. Do not bother to appeal over a ban with the  Gamemaster, as they will not discuss it. We do not forgive it, doesn't matter if you love the Server or whatever excuses you may have for it.

This is mostly to avoid scams. If you are caught trying to sell, buy, trade or give away your(s) accounts, be it via whisper, guild chat, forums or any global channels, expect to lose your account for good, along with all accounts shared by your IP. Remember that you are fully responsible for any action under your account. If your brother, friend, or anyone else took control of your account and broke the Account Trading rule you will be the only one to blame.

Account Sharing will not be tolerated and if found all accounts relating to that IP will be closed and will not be appealable.

Do not announce other server names anywhere, be it via whisper, guild chat or any global channels. Do not mention their names even for the sake of comparisons or criticising. Advertising other servers, sites, etc. is highly forbidden. Do not try to work like a licensed Synapse employee.

If you do not like the Server, you are free to leave anytime without insulting us. Disrespecting the server or a Staff Member just because you are in a bad mood, found a bug or have your character killed is not acceptable. Playing in bad mood is already a wrong thing to do. Do not expect forgiveness if you are caught insulting the Server or any of its Staff Members. This is valid anywhere, not just when talking directly to a Staff member. If you have any complaints about a staff member, feel free to send a private message to his/her superior. There is no need to open a public thread for it.

There are three known methods to abuse of it:

  • MMR Dropping: Losing in arena on purpose to lower own MMR below normal value.
  • Honor Exploit: Allowing someone to kill you or let you kill his/her toon to get Honor points in locations where it can be done fast and deliberately is not allowed.
  • Win-trading & Kill-trading: Arranged battles in order to profit of its prizes is highly forbidden leading to permanent character bans and temporary account bans.

We do not allow Multiboxing on any of our realms.

This page does not cover all the rules. If the GM's find an unfitting behaviour, they will punish the player accordingly

Project Synapse

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